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The Bush's Web of Deception
By Jerri Ann Lewis

The Presidential term of George W. Bush can clearly be classified as: a web of deception. Ties from our current president, his family, the bin Laden family, and the Carlyle Group are so strong that there appears to be a significant conflict of interest. Would that conflict of interest be even stronger if President Bush inherited his father's wealth earned from the Carlyle Group? To begin to find answers to this question one must first understand the Carlyle Group.

  • The Carlyle Group is a company that invests in various things, including large investments in defense.1
  • Former President George H. W. Bush was the Senior Advisor and a shareholder in the Carlyle Group. Other U.S. politicians were also board members in the Carlyle Group, including Former Secretary of State, James Baker.2
  • The bin Laden family was another large investor in the Carlyle Group.3
  • One must not forget to mention James R. Bath. He managed the money for the bin Laden family. (He is also a longtime friend to George W. Bush. They were in the National Guard together and missed the same Guard physical.)1
  • It is also very interesting to note that on the morning of September 11, 2001, the Carlyle Group was having its annual investor conference in Washington D.C. Some of the people in attendance included Former President George H.W. Bush, James Baker, and Shafiq bin Laden (half-brother to Osama bin Laden).3
  • Some of the bin Laden family's other business interests included an investment in President Bush's first oil company, Arbusto Energy.1
  • Shortly after 9/11, 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, were permitted to fly out of the country.4

The web of deception continued when the Carlyle Group began reaping the benefits from the start of the war "against terrorism".

  • Since the beginning of the "war on terrorism" the company has profited an estimated $13.5 billion. With all of the people previously mentioned being shareholders, board members, or both, some conflicts of interests appeared.3
  • Let us not forget to point out that the bin Laden family and George H.W. Bush have since broken their ties to the company. However, both held onto these strings until October 2003, almost 2 years after the war began. Some also still believe that George H. W. Bush still holds stock in the company.3
If the thought of all of these men working together outside the fishbowl of international politics makes you uneasy, you are not alone. Political watchdog groups, like the Center for Public Integrity and Judicial Watch, have long been howling over the potential for corruption at Carlyle. The company has been investigated by the FBI, excoriated by representatives, sued by political activists, and embarrassed by scandal."5

However, the company is still a powerful money-making machine that is perfectly legal. There lies the ultimate deception: the actions that are considered legal that ordinary American's can do nothing about.

Did President Bush fill his father's pockets by going to war? By going to war, could George W. Bush indirectly gain income from the bloodshed of thousands of American soldiers? This is serious "food for thought" as the 2004 election nears. This is also just the beginning of the web of deception by President Bush. Please, keep this in mind when you go to the voting polls in November.

1 Welcome to Michael Moore.Com
2 James Israel, "BUSHLADEN," October 8, 2001.
3 Here in Reality. "Meet the Carlyle Group"
4 Michael Moore: Warroom "Fahrenheit 9/11 Facts"
5 Excerpt from a book by Dan Briody, The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group

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