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Poor Policies & Administration
Lead to More Terrorist Attacks
By Denise Magditch

America is a great country. Her people look after one another, help where help is needed, and unite together when it is necessary to do so. The citizens of the United States simply want what all the inhabitants of the world to live with little or no hardships. Human beings desire, and deserve, freedom, and the people of America are no different. It is unfortunate, therefore, that the current administration, by its policies and the way it carries those policies out, threaten the basic freedoms of human beings by perpetrating anger and violence all over the globe.

In March of 2004, Bush proposed a marriage amendment that effectively would ban gay marriage throughout the United States. Besides being a blatant act of discrimination, it simultaneously harkens back to the days of equal rights among races and seeks to take away basic human freedom. Is this administration ignorant to this, or is the fight for the "sanctity of marriage" Bush's way of convincing voters that it is okay to discriminate? "This is the first time a proposed constitutional amendment seeks to exclude a group of people from the rights and benefits of a societal arrangement called marriage. It puts Bush on the side of intolerance-a dangerous place to be for a man who doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of his father."1 A citizen of the United States is promised basic freedoms, and should not be denied this simply because of a choice of lifestyle. This administration seems to be neglecting this fact in order to grab a few more votes from the religious demographic.

The Bush administration is denying its country's civil freedoms, but it is also ignoring the well being of the planet. In February of 2004, the Pentagon acknowledged global warming as a bigger problem than it had previously thought. It sponsored a report that warned "by 2007 violent storms or flooding will smash coastal barriers and render low-lying coastal and riparian areas uninhabitable worldwide" and that "deaths from war and famine will number in the millions until human population levels drop to a sustainable level".2 The Bush administration is simply choosing to not recognize this report, and have actually proposed undermining a treaty that has effectively controlled the use of methyl bromide, a potent ozone-depleting chemical. In addition to this, Bush has decided to cut the environmental budget by $1.9 billion dollars for 2005, decidedly lowering funds that protect the quality of water and conserve land.3 Not only is the President refusing to take immediate action and attempt to reverse devastating pollution, but he also allows for the future destruction of our only home.

Along with hacking away at human rights and leaving a mangled planet for our children, the administration is fumbling with foreign affairs. Bush's administration, going against the United Nations, invaded Iraq under the assumption that weapons of mass destruction were a threat. Bush promised American citizens that he was wiping out the "axis of evil" and that he absolutely needed to get into the Middle East as soon as possible. The rest of the world could only sit sullenly by and watch as the Bush administration, like a rebellious adolescent not heeding his parents' advice, attacked Iraq. Since the premature victory celebration, the world has seen more death and violence from America and Iraq than ever before. In April alone, over a hundred American soldiers have been killed, while almost nine hundred have been wounded. Since the occupation began last year, over five thousand Iraqi civilians, not soldiers, have been killed.4 It appears that the only replies to the Bush administration's policies are anger and violent acts from countries around the world and here in the United States. The prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq at the Abu Ghraib prison rocked the nation and the globe, only intensifying the anger that was already present. In early May, a videotape showing 26-year-old Nick Berg beheaded by militants, which since has become shrouded by mystery and conspiracy theories, seems to be an Iraqi response to American violence.

All this intense hatred, death, and terrorist actions from all sides can be traced back to poor decision making and hasty action. This bloodshed must come to an end, as all human beings deserve peace and freedom that does not come at such a disastrous cost. The Bush administration needs to come to a grinding halt, if not for our current affairs, then for the peace of mind and prosperity of our future generations.

1 Eleanor Clift, Political Passion, Newsweek/MSNBC, 27 February 2004
2 Pentagon Study Describes Rapid, Catastrophic Climate Change, BushGreenWatch, 24 February 2004
3 The Bush Administration's FY2005 Budget for the Environment: Putting Our Future at Risk, BushGreenWatch, 4 February 2004
4 Numbers are from: Melinda Liu, John Barry and Michael Hirsh, The Human Cost, Newsweek, 3 May 2004 and 5,558 Iraqi civilians killed under occupation, Associated Press, 23 May 2004

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