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Why American Hatred = More Terrorist Attacks
By Jerri Ann Lewis
Edited by Megan Maloy

Hate is an ugly word. It was one of those forbidden four-letter words when I was young. However, today one could not pick up a newspaper without seeing a story about H-A-T-E. The majority of the articles would probably be about some third world country declaring its dislike for the United States. Why do they hate us? Much of the loathing stems from differences of opinions or beliefs of people in these countries.

Nonetheless, what Americans fail to realize is the revulsion these countries feel is not for us, but mainly for our government. When it comes to our current political leaders, hey, who can blame them? After the 9/11 terrorist attacks the Bush Administration declared a war, sent troops into Iraq, and killed hundreds of innocent Iraqi citizens. This war was not to fight back at the terrorists who killed thousands of people in the Twin Towers. The terrorists that were behind these acts of violence were not even Iraqis; they were from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Later, after President Bush proclaimed the end of the war and a victory for the United States a devastating scandal appeared. Reports, photos, and videos of abusive treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war by U.S. and U.N. military emerged. Some of the reports were documented over one year ago. Were our government officials sleeping on the job or were they ordering soldiers to do whatever they thought necessary to divulge information from the detainees? Whatever the answer may be our leaders have failed us.

The few photos that have been leaked into public view has sparked series of brutal assaults upon U.S. soldiers and civilians remaining in Iraq. As the hatred grows for America, terrorism increases. Not only are our citizens that remain outside the United States in danger, but many citizens within the United States could be as well. This will continue unless things change.

In conclusion, we can no longer be sitting ducks because of our government? "Those acts should not be allowed to define us in the eyes of the world or our own eyes."1 We must take a stand. United we can stop the hate. If we demand better political leaders in America we can rebuild our reputation and become the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave once again.

1 Charles Aldinger, "Rumsfeld Denies Cover-up of Iraq Prisoner Abuse," REUTERS, May 11,2004.

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