Media Censorship
Think you're getting the straight facts when you turn on the news?

Bad Cow
Find out how industrial agribusiness threatens your health and safety

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Whats In Your Water?
The EPA has identified over 800 pollutants in our waters! Do you know what is in your water?

Current Administration

Things Are Out of Control!
Learn how the Bush Administration has failed us as Americans and as human-beings. The reality is that our environment, our world, and our people have suffered due to these poor government officials. We must take a stand and regain control.

I Ain't No Senators Son!
With 2 'wars' under President Bush's belt and hundreds of service men called to duty all during his four-year term, the draft could become a reality. Could you, your child or other relative be the next under-trained enlistee forced to fight in the next Blood Bath?

The Holy Terror & Why Bush Failed Ordinary Americans
Any of the good the President Bush has done for us, environmentally or otherwise, should be questioned. Have reports been altered to build up positive attributes while ignoring other negative ones because of money matters?

President Bush-One Major Miscalculation
In a recent interview with Time Magazine Bush said he had "made a miscalculation of what the conditions would be in post-war Iraq." I beg your pardon Mr. President, but I believe "miscalculation" is a bit of an understatement.

How Many Republicans Does It Take To Veto a Lifesaver?
Pray that we may never know. Advances in Medicine are one of the many great things available to Americans today. Or is it?

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free)
President Bush has failed America in war, in our economy, in employment, and in equal rights. However, if you need an elaboration, read this article.

2004 Election-Theft in Progress?
Are computerized voting ballots trustworthy and reliable? Americans must know the voting facts to insure that President Bush does not steal another election.

It Doesn't Matter What You Think! I'm the President and I Can Do Whatever I Want.
While bloodshed continues in Iraq and our more American soldiers are being killed Americans here at home must be careful too. Don't say
t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t too loudly and be cautious of your neighbors. The Bush Adminstration's scare tactics continue...

Administration Knew for Months and TOOK NO ACTION!
The Bush Administration had numerous reports of abuse in the Iraqi prisoners. When they failed to take proper action, it became scandalous.

U.S. Policies are Creating More Terrorists
Government policies are made to protect citizens. However, policies made by our government could actually be hurting us with the threat of more terrorism.

Korea -The Real Threat
Those Weapons of Mass Destruction were no where to be found in Iraq. Could the reality be that the real threat of WMD's is actually Korea?

Welcome to Hell!
Put yourself in the place of one of the Iraqi detainees. Their lives were hell for no reason.

Excuses For War
The 'excuses' for the war are endless; however, the real reasons are unclear. For instance, where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Supreme Court and Enemy Combatant Update
Some of the trials of the soldiers that allegedly abused Iraqi detainees are over. However, even now the outcome is unclear. Has America regained its "high status" or have we just managed to side-step the problems?

North Korea and Bush Administration-Mexican Standoff
While Bush plows ahead in Iraq, he continually ignores North Korea. Meanwhile, we may discover that search for WMD's should have been in North Korea all along.

Removing the Troops
Send our troops home-period!

Rumsfeld Must Go!
The lack of response on the Iraqi Abuse is another way the Bush Administration has failed us. Rumsfeld should be held responsible for his actions. A slap on the hand is not enough!

Why American Hatred=More Terrorist
Hate is alive and well. War will not stop that. Thus, is the hate only causing our chances of another terrorist to be that much greater?

Is Ignorance Bliss? It Is When You're President Bush! (Geneva Convention article)
Americans have the right to know about violations in government policies. Is it okay for our government to make the laws only to turn around and break them?

Bush & Goats - What Do We Do? Beder Read Bout Goats (Response to 9-11)
Just 1 of the many ways that President Bush has failed us was his response to 9-11. In reality, his response was inhuman, unemotional, and un-American, and completely lacking judgement. What could have been done differently?

Americans Dodged a Bullet...
War is over...but the rebellion continues. How many Americans must die before this is truly over?

Go Back to Start, Do Not Collect $25 Billion, America Loses War
With the scandal of the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees rising, the result of the war may not be a good one. The reality is that we have gone back to the beginning while the President asks for more "military contributions" only to lose the the war.

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