Bad Cow
Find out how industrial agribusiness threatens your health and safety

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Gas & Oil
Gas prices are on the rise! In some places it has already hit $3 a gallon! Find out what Bush is NOT doing about it.


America's drinking water, rivers and lakes are at risk from giant, corporate-owned factory farms. These Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) confine thousands of animals in one facility, and produce staggering amounts of animal waste in the process (2.7 trillion pounds per year). Too often, this waste leaks into our rivers and streams, fouling our air, contaminating our drinking water and spreading disease. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, hog, chicken and cattle waste has polluted 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 states and contaminated groundwater in 17 states. (Sierra Club)

In reality, factory farms are a serious threat to public health and the environment. In the public interest, the government needs to place stricter controls and regulations over these operations. Ironically, the Bush Administration has done just the opposite. Instead of holding corporate agribusiness accountable and regulating their operations, the Bush Administration has allowed them to continue to profit and pollute at the expense of our environment and our health.

Find Out More In This Section:

What Is A Factory Farm

Ecological Impacts

Health Impacts


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