Bad Cow
Find out how industrial agribusiness threatens your health and safety

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Gas & Oil
Gas prices are on the rise! In some places it has already hit $3 a gallon! Find out what Bush is NOT doing about it.


The Bush Administration has done very little to address the environmental and health concerns associated with factory farms. In fact, new legislation continues to allow industrial agribusiness to pollute our water ways without liability or accountability to public health endangerment. And in addition to this, the government is also refusing to allow disease testing of all livestock despite recent concerns of Mad Cow in the U.S. and major outbreaks in Europe.

Policy Problems and Recommendations
The Natural Resources Defense Council takes a look at various State policies controls and how they fail to curb factory farm pollution. The NRDC also recommends alternative policies that would help control the problem.

PA Factory Farm Rule Puts Polluters First at Environment's Expense
"The Bush EPA gave agribusiness increased protection from liability for polluting our waterways. It's a sweet deal for factory farm polluters, but it stinks for the rest of us."

EPA Works Out Secret Deal with Factory Farms
The EPA has been holding secret meetings with the agribusiness industry this year, putting together a "sweetheart deal" with lobbyists to exempt factory farms from Clean Air Act and Superfund regulations.

APHA Urges Moratorium on New Factory Farms
The APHA urges government agencies to place a moratorium on factory farms citing serious health problems associated with air pollution and contaminated drinking water from manure runoff; increasing antibiotics resistance caused by the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals; and serious respiratory problems found among CAFO workers and among neighboring residents.

Packers Mad That USDA Limits Testing
Groups of U.S. packers are demanding the USDA require Mad Cow testing for all cattle. Without testing, ranchers have not been able to sell on the international market, and this is hurting the industry. Currently, the USDA ensures that no more than 120,000, or about 0.3 percent, of the 35 million cattle slaughtered each year in the U.S. are tested. But if testing were required for all cattle, the likelihood of uncovering more cases of Mad Cow increases, and perhaps that is exactly what the government does not want.

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