Bad Cow
Find out how industrial agribusiness threatens your health and safety

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Gas & Oil
Gas prices are on the rise! In some places it has already hit $3 a gallon! Find out what Bush is NOT doing about it.

Effect on Human Health

Factory farms create many risks to public health. The confined spaces these animals live, eat, and defecate in, create prime breeding grounds for diseases which can easily be passed on to humans in consumption. Another human health threat is the animal waste run off that contaminates our waters and exposes us to dangerous metals and toxins. And finally, the air pollution caused by animal gases over long term exposure, can also be dangerous, causing serious neurological problems.

When Will It be Safe for Us to Eat Meat?
Know what you are buying and putting in your bodies. Question how your meat is raised, processed, and handled before you ingest something dangerous.

How Factory Farms Are Making Us Sick
Factory farms are a serious threat to our health. Millions of Americans are infected, and thousands die every year from contaminated animal "food" products. In addition to the serious problems caused by coming into contact with polluted air and water, they are also breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Some developing into virulent pathogens and fatal diseases like Mad Cow and Bird Flu.

Health Issues Associated With Factory Farms
Respiratory illness, neurological problems, air and water pollution exposure, and anti-microbial resistance, are some of the public health threats associated with factory farm pollution.

All About Mad Cow
In the past few years, Mad Cow disease has spread in Europe and appeared in Canada. Now, it has also been discovered in the United States. Mad Cow is a fatal disease that causes progressive neurological degeneration in cattle. Factory Farming practices such as grinding up left-over bits of sheep and cows and feeding them to other cows contribute to the spread of Mad Cow disease.

U.S. Violates WHO Guidelines for Mad Cow Disease
In the interest of public health, the World Health Organization has developed guidelines for livestock testing and feeding practices which the U.S. government has refused to implement. It is very probable that many cases of Mad Cow currently exist in the U.S., but without the proper testing it is difficult for us to find out, and without altering feeding practices, the disease will only continue to spread.

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