Media Censorship
Think you're getting the straight facts when you turn on the news?

What's In Your Water?
The EPA has identified over 800 pollutants in our waters! Do you know what is in your water?

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Politics of Energy

Since the beginning of the Bush Administration, Vice President Dick Cheney had established a secret energy task force to resolve our energy issues. What has played out in the last couple of years has been alarming. The energy policy this task force developed entails billions of dollars paid out to the Oil and Utilities industries without any measures to improve our energy crisis.

Many believe the policy was actually written by the industries themselves. Rights groups have sued the government for the release of documents pertaining to the secret energy task force. The groups won but the government is currently at the Supreme Court appealing the decision. This has not only left us with a bad energy policy, but also a government that is going to lengths to prevent us from finding out the truth behind this policy.

Behind Closed Doors - Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force
The Bush Administration has made a history of keeping things from the American public. However, the 'secrets' of the energy task force concerns us and contains information important to the livelihood of our world and its people. WE DESERVE TO KNOW!

The Bush Record on Energy: Big Oil, Big Profits
The Bush energy policy is crafted by the energy industry, for the energy industry. It has profits in mind, not consumers or the environment. And by continuing to rely on fossil fuel and foreign oil -- and only paying lip service to renewable energy and conservation -- it fails to address the real problems.

Sixty Harmful Sections of the Energy Bill
The National Environmental Trust's summary of key provisions of the 2003 Energy Policy Act that are harmful to public health and the environment, public lands and coastal areas, consumers and taxpayers, and energy and national security

The Industries That Dictate Energy Policy
The stakes of the energy policy are enormous for Bush and the industries that stand to gain from his plan to boost production. The price of campaign contributions and ads would easily be eclipsed by the billions of dollars in industry tax breaks containe d in the Bush-inspired energy bill approved by the House of Representatives.

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