Media Censorship
Think you're getting the straight facts when you turn on the news?

What's In Your Water?
The EPA has identified over 800 pollutants in our waters! Do you know what is in your water?

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Gas & Oil Pricing

We are heavily dependant on gas and crude oil to sustain our current lifestyles. But these natural resources are fast depleting, and their recent shortages have unsurprisingly created a serious "energy crisis." We have all seen the rising gas prices, and we have all witnessed the blackouts in several cities throughout the U.S. The problem is very real, and it will continue to hit us harder as the days go by.

The fact is, these natural resources are eventually going to become obsolete and the energy crisis is only going to worsen. Continuing to pour money into the research and exploration of an unsustainable natural resource with a finite supply, just does not make sense. We need to lessen our dependence on gas and crude oil by moving towards alternative energy sources.

Higher Than Expected Increase in Revenues
Excuses from Exxon on cheat Americans and the environment. The reality of money over what truly matters is once again present here.

Higher Gas Prices Coming Thanks To Bush
Our economy is down, our bank accounts are low, our wallets are light, but gas prices are sky high! The excuse is War, but the reason and the reality is BUSH!

Ending America's Oil Dependence
The Natural Resources Defense Council examines America's oil consumption focusing on the inefficiency of our cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and other passenger vehicles. Here is summary of their findings, and a five-step solution to make better vehicles and better fuels that reduce our oil dependence with no reduction in safety, performance, or choice.

Consumers Will Pay The Price For Bush Administration's Shortsighted Energy Policies
Because of the Bush Administrations poor energy policies that are not regulating oil industries and are not reducing consumption by investing in renewable energies, consumers will continue to pay at gas pumps

OPEC Is the Problem
Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute discuses OPEC's control of gas supplies, its purpose and its role in gas pricing. OPEC apologists contend that the cartel assists in stabilizing oil prices and providing stability in the Middle East, in reality they make the market less predictable and prices more volatile because market agents are forced not only to consider global supply and demand but also to factor in OPEC's behavior and its members' fidelity to their promises.

Domestic Oil Companies To Blame For High Gas Prices
A report from the Consumers Union finds that the consolidation in the refining industry has enabled large oil companies to restrict the supplies that make it to the pump, sending gas prices higher and leading to windfall profits.

The Bush Administration and Gas Prices
In the last week gas prices have risen sharply, yet the Bush administration not only refuses to consider short-term relief for the problem, but won't consider needed conservation measures in its long-term energy strategy, favoring its contributors over the America public.

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