Gas & Oil
Gas prices are on the rise! In some places it has already hit $3 a gallon! Find out what Bush is NOT doing about it.

Government Approved Pollution
Find out what the government is doing to make our pollution problems worse

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush’s special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Tax and Unemployment

The Bush Administration's economic stimulus plan will do very little to stimulate anything. He boasts about tax cuts, and the improving unemployment problem (which by the way, he created), but in reality, none of the tax cuts will go in the direction of you or I. More than 50% of this tax cut will go to the richest in America. Additionally, all these tax cuts for the rich are only increasing the burden on states, which means we will see increased state taxes and cuts in public programs, like education and health care.

As for the unemployment issue, 8 million Americans are still out of work. 500,000 have given up looking all together. People all around are still unemployed and the job market is still as tight as ever. Despite what the Bush Administration may claim, it is obvious the realities of the unemployment issue have not changed.

Take This Job And...!
As the poverty level in America rises and jobs are being shipped overseas, how is your job security? Check out the reality of the job market and the unemployment rate.

The Bush Record: Tax Cuts Help The Rich Get Richer
Bush's tax cuts have benefited the wealthy more than anybody else-while creating enormous budget deficits and forcing Bush to raid the Social Security Trust Fund. And while federal taxes have been reduced, state and local taxes have risen. Here is an overview of what the tax plan will really accomplish.

Behind The Numbers
The Bush Administration manipulates numbers and projections based on "averages." ABC News takes a closer look at the numbers and crunches them more realistically.

Nobel Laureates, 450 Economists Fault Bush Tax Cut Plan
Ten Nobel laureates, joined by more than 450 other economists from all over the country, today cautioned that the tax cut plan proposed by the Bush administration will not only fail to help the economy in the short run, but will also weaken it over the longer term by deepening projected deficits.

Unemployment Rate Turns Upward
The unemployment rate increased to 5.7 percent, 36 percent higher than when President Bush took office, leaving 8.4 million Americans out of work. And over half a million workers (514,000) gave up on the job search in February.

Bush's Plan, Inefficient and Will Not Stimulate Economy
Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, analyzes the Bush administration's economic stimulus plan. Greenstein concludes the plan is inefficient and ineffective with benefits in favor of the rich, and working poor families being the big losers.

Unemployment Growth Falls Short
Three years after the start of the recession in March 2001 and 28 months into the official economic recovery, 35 states still have not recovered the jobs they lost and 49 states have seen their working age population grow faster than jobs since the recession began. The Economic Policy Institute takes a look at the current unemployment situation and how current economic policies fall short from stimulating job creation.

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