Gas & Oil
Gas prices are on the rise! In some places it has already hit $3 a gallon! Find out what Bush is NOT doing about it.

Government Approved Pollution
Find out what the government is doing to make our pollution problems worse

Masked Discrimination
Introducing discriminating legislation and undermining civil rights, find how the Bush administration has been doing this.

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush’s special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves


The economy has been spiraling downwards since the beginning of the 2000 Presidential elections. With rampant unemployment, falling stock markets, and decreases in consumer spending, the current economic situation has been compared to the Great Depression. To top it all off, the rising national deficit coupled by exorbitant increases in military spending for wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq have only made things worse. Though the economy is slowly showing signs of improvement, we have by no means recovered. The reality is, unemployment rates are still high, markets are still unstable, the wealth gap is widening and we desperately need a solid economic policy that will stimulate recovery and place us on the right track for sustainable growth.

To date, the Bush Administration's economic stimulus plan has been a complete failure. Economic experts have widely refuted the administration's policies and have even projected economic decline in the long term. The fact is, tax cuts have only impacted the highest income brackets, and our Medicare and Social Security systems are being tapped to support these ineffective tax cuts and policies. Unfortunately, the rest of us are still struggling while the Bush Administration continues with disregard.

About Baseball, Politics, History & the US Economy
Here is a little history lesson into the rise and fall of our country's economy. As we all know, without knowing our history, we may be doomed to repeat it. Moreover, if we are not kept aware of the reality of our nation's economic problems we cannot learn how to fix them.

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Big Business

Tax &

Medicare & Social Security

Corporate Accountablity

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