Media Censorship
Think you're getting the straight facts when you turn on the news?

Bad Cow
Find out how industrial agribusiness threatens your health and safety

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Whats In Your Water?
The EPA has identified over 800 pollutants in our waters! Do you know what is in your water?

Patriot Act

After the attacks on September 11th, the Patriot Act was established in the interest of national security. The act expanded the powers of law enforcement and enhanced government privileges to public surveillance. The law drew many parallels to Orwell's Big Brother syndrome, but at a time when our security was at risk, forfeiting a bit of our civil liberties did not seem like such a big price to pay. But the recent draft of Patriot II, which further expands these powers, has created serious concerns. It's going to be a full on attack to civil rights, so be careful what you say, be careful what you do, the government is watching!

The Muslim and the Patriot Act
The Patriot is an injustice to our Civil Rights. Learn how we must fight the injustice.

What is the Patriot Act?
The Patriot Act was passed shortly after the September 11th as a means to protect the country from future terrorist attacks by expanding the powers of law enforcement and enhancing government privilege to surveillance. But many are expressing concern over these increased powers of the judicial branch that violate civil liberties and constitutional rights. This leaves some wondering about "Big Brother, " and others drawing comparisons with laws passed down by Nazi Germany.

EFF Analysis of the Patriot Act
On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act (PATRIOT) into law. PATRIOT gave sweeping new powers to both domestic law enforcement and international intelligence agencies. President Bush advocated the law as a measure to protect us from terrorism but taking a closer look at the 342 page bill will show that the civil liberties of ordinary Americans are taking the real blow with this law, especially the right to privacy in our online communications and activities.

Taking a Closer Look at Patriot Act II
The ACLU takes a closer look at proposed legislation for Patriot Act II, concluding that it is fundamentally flawed because it relies on a false premise – that America can be safer if we do away with basic checks and balances. By undermining the role of the courts, Congress and the press in providing a real check on Executive power, Patriot Act 2 directs its ire at the institutions of American democracy instead of at the terrorists that threaten it.

Conservatives and Liberals Agreeing Against Patriot II
Conservatives and liberals are finding common ground over the Patriot Act and its attack on civil liberties. The heart of the issue, according to conservatives, liberals and constitutional scholars, is the effect that USA Patriot has already had on issues of probable cause and due process, and that both of those concepts would be further eroded if the so-called Patriot II were adopted as it appears in the draft form

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