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His Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

There is an old southern expression that many of the younger generation may not be familiar with-it's "his chickens are coming home to roost". Basically, this expression means that you can only get away with irresponsible behavior for so long until your past actions catch up with you--"your chickens come home to roost".

Looks like President Bush's chickens may be headed for the henhouse. His tenure as Governor and as President has been an exercise in arrogance-typified by mean-spiritedness. First he, and then his appointees, all cultivated and relished a tough, macho and hardball image. Perhaps this was to impress Americans on how tough he would be on terrorists. Unfortunately, sounding tough and then allowing inhuman acts of cruelty to occur was NOT what we needed.

Then the nerve of President Bush for mocking Karla Fay Tucker's plea for clemency and not attending the James Byrd funeral. You insulted us all with your vulgar open mike comments about Adam Clymer and openly snubbing Yassar Arafat in New York. You tossed out terms like "axis of evil", an "old Europe", and then held the infamous attitude of either "you are with us, or against us", creating fear amongst Americans. You led them to believe that anyone speaking their opinion or protests against the war or your actions are un-American. Well Mr. President this is America and we have what used to be called free speech.

In addition, your no intervention policy in a death row appeal, regardless of the circumstances, is wrong. With the number of wrongly accused and convicted people that we have these days, executions are wrong and barbaric like the cruel and inhuman acts that you and your administration have humiliated our nation with. Even pleas by the President of Mexico and the Pope haven fallen on deaf ear.

The unilateral first strike on Iraq, which we will all pay dearly for many years to come, fell right into place with the pattern of arrogance. While President Bush would never directly encourage or approve of such activity, if you don't think the tone he set has led both the officers and young soldiers to feel they were not doing wrong then you would be mistaken. Even the way our young soldiers responded when they were instructed told to soften up the prisoners for the interrogations-not to mistreat the "evil" prisoners.

Americans must face the reality that this attitude regressed from an arrogant and self-righteous Commander-in-Chief, to Rumsfeld, who first approved of America's interrogation policies. There has been proof that Rumsfeld was notified of this deviant behavior and did nothing, and to believe the lies that Bush was not aware of these occurrences is plain ignorance. All of these chickens began coming home to roost when the inhuman acts that we have now witnessed in the outrageous photographs were finally exposed.

Remember America, up to 90% of the U.S. detainees or prisoners have been falsely imprisoned. Imagine your innocent brother or sister being taken by U.S. troops for months on end with no contact and no news, except for the rumors of terrible abuse. No wonder so many people hate Americans.

Mr. President, you have cast a long shadow of shame over America, and you only make matters worse by continuing to praise Rumsfeld on what a great job he has done. You should be terminating his employment.

We have no victory and Americans supporting you and your actions must be educated...

Carl Flores

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