Government Approved Pollution
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A secret energy task force with no viable solutions to the energy crisis, find out what's really going on with the energy policy

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Media Censorship
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Legislation like the Clean Air and Water Acts have placed much needed protections over environmental pollution and public health. In the last couple of years the Bush Administration has been repealing and modifying these key environmental safeguards that were once implemented to control the problems and hazards created by pollution. The amount of pollution factories are allowed to emit have increased, and dumping into our rivers has once again reappeared.

As a result, progress has been reversed and the amounts of pollution contaminating our air and water are increasing drastically. The threat to our health and well being is very large and very serious. The environmental policies of the Bush Administration clearly suggest that they not only approve, but also support this pollution that is putting our public health at risk. Our environment deserves better. We deserve better.

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Nuclear Waste

Government Approved Pollution

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