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U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Historical Low, August Unemployment &
Percentage of Change by State
Unemployment Historical Lows,
August 2004p Current Unemployment Rates, and
Percentage Rate of Unemployment Change
  Historical Low
(Blue reflects Clinton
Economics, see notes)
Rate of
State Date Rate Rate (Bush Economics)
Florida July 2000 3.5 4.5 29% Higher
Georgia Mar. 2001 3.5 4.2 20% Higher
Iowa Nov. 1999 2.3 4.5 96% Higher
Michigan Mar. 2000 3.1 6.7 116% Higher
Minnesota Apr. 1999 2.4 4.8 100% Higher
Missouri Jan. 2000 2.9 5.5 90% Higher
New Hampshire Mar. 1988 2.2 3.7 68% Higher
Ohio Mar. 2001 3.6 6.3 75% Higher
Pennsylvania Apr. 2000 4.0 5.6 65% Higher
Virginia Apr. 2000 2.0 3.5 75% Higher
Wisconsin June 1999 2.8 4.8 71% Higher
Note: Data series begin in January 1978, except for California, where
it begins in January 1980.
Rates shown are a percentage of the labor force.
p = preliminary.
NOTE: Data refers to place of residence. Estimates for recent years are
provisional and will be revised when new benchmark and population information
becomes available. Historical lows show the most recent month that a rate was
recorded in the event of multiple occurrences.

*Rate of Unemployment Change has been added to the U.S. Department of
Labor Statistics. All original numbers may be verified here.
Percentage of change has been rounded up or down.

The color Blue was added to denote Clinton economics reflecting his 2 terms (8
years) in office plus the year 2001. Since 29 states experienced their
unemployment lows during Clinton's 8-year term in office. Then during the
following year (2001) another 9 states hit their lows we feel this establishes a
very clear trend.

Therefore a total of 38 states all hit their unemployment lows as a result of
Clinton economics. This is a total of 73% of all states that hit their unemployment
lows during the Clinton era. Little wonder we enjoyed such a healthy economy -

Red was also added to reflect where Bush economics has taken us - thus far.
Note that the real unemployment numbers may be far worse since many
individuals have simply given up on finding employment. Further, New Job
Reports for several months have reflected significant job shortfalls for Bush's
term (800,000) thus far.

Recently 1.25 Million people were added to the U.S. poverty for 2003.

Please Vote For Change!
To view the unemployment chart for ALL states go to Unemployment Change By State.

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