Government Approved Pollution
Find out what the government is doing to make our pollution problems worse

Politics of Energy
A secret energy task force with no viable solutions to the energy crisis, find out what's really going on with the energy policy

Bush and Big Business
The truth about Bush's special interest agenda, and the big businesses he serves

Media Censorship
Think you're getting the straight facts when you turn on the news?

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Discrimination Series: The Discrimination President!

Discrimination Alert For All Americans Especially Minorities!
The Dark Cloud That Has Been Raining On America!
Are some people judging others for their skin color more since the terrorist attacks? Read this and be the judge.

Discrimination Series: The Debt President!

Warning Alert For All Dads!
Will I be able to send my children to college when the time comes? With the rising cost of college tuition the possiblity looks dim.

Discrimination Series: The War President!

Draft Warning Alert For All College Students!
I Ain't No Senators Son!
With 2 'wars' under President Bush's belt and hundreds of service men called to duty all during his four-year term, the draft could become a reality. Could you, your child or other relative be the next under-trained enlistee forced to fight in the next Blood Bath?

Discrimination Series: Separation of Church and State

Alert to all Denominations:
Bush's Mission for God
President Bush seems to be hung up on his job as President being a Mission for God. He seems to think it is his responsibility to make the US, as well as the World, full of people with "good Christian values". The only problem is that is violates our rights of Separation of Church and State.

The United States of Ministry
Religious beliefs are personal matters that are sacred to each one of us. No one has the right to force their religion on another person. The fate of our Faith should not be decided by our government.

ALERT TO ALL VOTERS: That Computer Ate My Ballot!

Stealing Our Freedom to Vote-A Documented Report
Don't let President Bush steal another election. Your awareness of the voting system is essential for our democracy.

2004 Election-Theft in Progress?
Are computerized voting ballots trustworthy and reliable? Americans must know the voting facts to insure that President Bush does not steal another election.

Internal Deception

Rumsfeld Must Go!
The lack of response on the Iraqi Abuse is another way the Bush Administration has failed us. Rumsfeld should be held responsible for his actions. A slap on the hand is not enough!

Bush & Goats - What Do We Do? Beder Read Bout Goats (Response to 9-11)
Just 1 of the many ways that President Bush has failed us was his response to 9-11. In reality, his response was inhuman, unemotional, and un-American, and completely lacking judgement. What could have been done differently?


How Many Republicans Does It Take To Veto A Lifesaver?
Pray that we may never know. Advances in Medicine are one of the many great things available to Americans today. Or is it?


H2O Effect

Eating Nemo
Mercury is a poison that you could be injesting at this very moment. Symptoms are hard to diagnose. We should all be aware of common poisons in our food, water, and air.

Declining Water Quality
Water has even become a hot, money-making business for President Bush. He has put the quality of our water and our health at risk for his own greed.

From Sea to Shining Sea

The Bush Administration Makes Me Sick
When you go to the beach to build a sand castle and splash in the waves with your children are you putting your family's health at risk? If President Bush is FOR families, then why is he putting families in danger by reducing sewage regulations and creating more pollution on American beaches and in the water?

Grounds To Stand On

Are the Leaves Being Pulled Over Our Eyes?
Is President Bush using clear-cutting and environmental policies to his advantage? Learn about one more way that President Bush has made his presidency a money-making business rather than a service to his country.


Pentagon Report & Earth at Risk
Our future and our planet's future is at stake. We must make the changes necessary to change this outcome.

Arctic Catastrophe
Just a few of the effects of global warming could be freezing, flooding, and drought. This is definitely no walk in the park. Our Planet and our lives are in danger.

Farm Animals

When Will It Be Safe For Us To Eat Meat?
Know what you are buying and putting in your bodies. Question how your meat is raised, processed, and handled before you ingest something dangerous.

Condition of Our Planet

Environmental Apathy
Bush's Failures 101: Crash course in just a few of our President's environmental failures, as well as health and economic downfalls.

Ecosystem Collapse-Is Earth Dying?
Global warming is real. We must do everything in our power to become aware of the dangers lurking and how we can change Earth's dismal future.

Gas & Oil

Higher Gas Prices Coming Thanks To Bush
Our economy is down, our bank accounts are low, our wallets are light, but gas prices are sky high! THe excuse is War, but the reason and the reality is BUSH!

Higher Than Expected Increase in Revenues
Excuses from Exxon on cheat Americans and the environment. The reality of money over what truly matters is once again present here.

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

Wake Up and Smell the Nuclear Waste
Nuclear power is a useful commodity. However, it has numerous disadvantages that we know about and preventative measures that need to be taken. Learn the reality of Nuclear power plants and nuclear waste.

When Fact is Stranger than Fiction
Biological Research Facilities are more than just labs researching cancer cures and AIDS. The reality is that these facilities may also be harboring Anthrax, SARS, and other possible biological weapons.

Depleted Uranium in Iraq
What is Depleted Uranium? Gulf War Syndrome is caused by it. Learn the realities of war and how our government has hid the facts.


Medicare Act, Drug Policies, AARP

Letter of 'Thanks' to the President!
Fight for your rights as a Senior Citizen or a future Senior citizen. Know how our government is avoiding our health concerns and needs in the New Medicare Act.

NYC Cover-up

Cover-up at Ground Zero
Are EPA reports accurately telling New York City residents the quality of their air? Did the aftermath of 9/11 produce more toxins that our government is willing to admit?


The Bush Immigration Policy
Does President Bush have hispanics best interests at heart? Voting Registration for hispanics could be more than just a vote for the presidency. It could also be the governments way of tracking hispanics for later deportation.

U.S. Budget
Money Matters: Taxes, Economy, Debt

About Baseball, Politics, History & the US Economy
Here is a little history lesson into the rise and fall of our country's economy. As we all know, without knowing our history, we may be doomed to repeat it. Moreover, if we are not kept aware of the reality of our nation's economic problems we cannot learn how to fix them.

Behind Closed Doors - Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force
The Bush Administration has made a history of keeping things from the American public. However, the 'secrets' of the energy task force concerns us and contains information important to the livelihood of our world and its people. WE DESERVE TO KNOW!

U.S. Policies

Is Ignorance Bliss? It Is When You're President Bush! (Geneva Convention article)
Americans have the right to know about violations in government policies. Is it okay for our government to make the laws only to turn around and break them?

Jobless and Hungry

Take This Job And...!
As the poverty level in America rises and jobs are being shipped overseas, how is your job security? Check out the reality of the job market and the unemployment rate.

International relations
Across the Nation

Bush Administration Burns Up Any Good Accomplished
Lies, deceit, and deception by the Bush Administration- has it caused nothing good to come from the hundreds of lives lost in Iraq?

Bush Policy Encourages Anti-American Sentiment
The Bush Administration has fostered suspicion among the citizens of the United States with their "War on Terror." Just another way to keep fear alive in the US. This, in turn, can cause an increase in the discrimination existing between Americans.

Administration Knew for Months and TOOK NO ACTION!
The Bush Administration had numerous reports of abuse in the Iraqi prisoners. When they failed to take proper action, it became scandalous.

Korea -The Real Threat
Those Weapons of Mass Destruction were no where to be found in Iraq. Could the reality be that the real threat of WMD's is actually Korea?

U.S. Policies are Creating More Terrorists
Government policies are made to protect citizens. However, policies made by our government could actually be hurting us with the threat of more terrorism.

Welcome to Hell!
Put yourself in the place of one of the Iraqi detainees. Their lives were hell for no reason.

Photos Don't Lie, Americans Have the Right to Know
Americans have the right to full disclosure. Americans should not be left in the dark about the abuse in Iraq or anything else.

Excuses For War
The 'excuses' for the war are endless; however, the real reasons are unclear. For instance, where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Supreme Court and Enemy Combatant Update
Some of the trials of the soldiers that allegedly abused Iraqi detainees are over. However, even now the outcome is unclear. Has America regained its "high status" or have we just managed to side-step the problems?

North Korea and Bush Administration - Mexican Standoff
While Bush plows ahead in Iraq, he continually ignores North Korea. Meanwhile, we may discover that search for WMD's should have been in North Korea all along.

Removing the Troops
Send our troops home-period!

Why American Hatred=More Terrorist
Hate is alive and well. War will not stop that. Thus, is the hate only causing our chances of another terrorist to be that much greater?

Red Cross Stated They Reported Prisoner Abuse Over One Year Ago!
For over one year, our government has had reports of abuse in Iraqi prisons. However, corrective actions are only now being performed as the public becomes aware of the disgraceful treatment. The Bush Administration's failure to act is now a reality.

Americans Dodged a Bullet...
War is over...but the rebellion continues. How many Americans must die before this is truly over?

Go Back to Start, Do Not Collect $25 Billion, America Loses War
With the scandal of the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees rising, the result of the war may not be a good one. The reality is that we have gone back to the beginning while the President asks for more "military contributions" only to lose the the war.

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