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Major Past Campaign – What a HUGE Success!!!

This campaign is the perfect example why activists and financial supporters should never underestimate what just a few people and a well executed professional campaign can accomplish!

In 2004, Rethink Reality sent out over 42 Million professional emails like the one shown above. Based on extensive research these highly targeted and very informative emails were delivered to voters within 9 critical states. These individuals not only opened the emails but after reading the initial content above then an incredible 5.2% clicked through to continue reading about our Expose Truth Campaign containing detailed unemployment and other revealing details.

While only a few critical races were won that year we feel the ripple effect ultimately enabled a major win for democracy and the environment in 2006. While other larger groups like MoveOn.org significantly contributed to this change we are statistically confident that the additional effort that Rethink Reality provided, ultimately made a world of difference in the final outcome.

Of the 9 critical states where we originally emailed 42 Million voters ALL of those Senate seats were won by the Democratic Party which also gave them control of the Senate. Two of the nine states referred to above were won by a relatively small number of votes. Was this a coincidence—we think not.

In light of the overwhelming realities that we face today with pollution and Global Warming, Rethink Reality feels this change was desperately needed if we are to stand a chance in our race to save Earth.   

Upcoming Expose Truth Events

Rethink Reality is busy staging events that will occur at festivals and concerts throughout the country. Our members will receive notifications about these events and we encourage people to contribute to small non-profits that are focused on education and change.

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