About Us

Rethink Reality is a website devoted to providing information on the issues and policy decisions that affect us most. From the economy to the environment, we are dedicated to bringing the truth out and sparking grassroots political action.

Our Positioning
Over the last couple of years, the Bush Administration has made policy decisions that have placed the public at risk. Behind all of this administrationís lies and propaganda, our civil rights, environment, and economic stability are seriously being undermined and threatened. We believe the first step to empowering ourselves lies in access to information and bringing out the truth.

Who We Are
Rethink Reality was created by a volunteer staff of writers, editors, researchers, web designers and programmers, who are all committed to one cause, saving Earth. For more information on our team, or how you can help, email us at: people@oeom.org

Who Started Rethink Reality
Rethink reality was started by One Earth One Mission. OEOM is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and saving our earth. We are a synergistically designed platform for environmental, animal rights, health, and political issues. OEOM seeks to inform, enlighten, and engage all citizens concerned about the future of Earth and all living things. For more information on OEOM, visit the site: www.oeom.org

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